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        Summer Music Festival 2022 ~          
   "Where summer piano lessons make every student a Winner!"


This event is for students who study with MAPTA members.

There is no age restriction.  Adults as well as young children may participate.

Every student will received either a Gold Medal, Silver Medal or Bronze Medal, all on a neck band.

Student registration form and fees must be postmarked on or before June 25, 2022.  Festival videos must be uploaded to MAPTA Dropbox before July 30, 2021.  No special equipment is required.  It is easy to record video by using a phone and then uploading to Dropbox.

Entry fees $18 Solo, $24 per Duet team and $36 per Trio team.  

Repertoire has no required list.  Student needs to perform 2 pieces that are contrasting in style or mood.  Student and teacher may choose from original compositions or arrangements.  Music may include classical, jazz, boogie-woogie, movie themes, or pop.  Solos from method books are included.  Memorization is at the discretion of the teacher.

There is no memory requirement.  Page turners are allowed.

When making the video, the student will introduce themselves with their first name and their audition number.  The student will play the first piece, pause for a few seconds and then play the 2nd audition piece without turning off the video.  The student does have the opportunity to make as many videos as they want and then choose their best video to use as their audition video!

Critiques and medals will be available to Milwaukee area teachers by August 22nd.  The critiques and medals will be mailed to out of area teachers.

For questions, please email:

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