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“Where every summer music student is a winner!"

Piano, Strings, Harp & Voice

Students & Teachers

Online event

No Audience ~ No Driving

Vacation Date Friendly!

Capture the perfect performance!

Gold, Silver & Bronze medals

on Neck Ribbons

TIMELINE June 1 - July 31


Solos - $18.00

Duets - $20/ team

Trios - $30/ team

  • The purpose of this Festival is to encourage summer music study for Piano, String, Harp, and Voice students.Teachers do not need to be MAPTA members to participate!

  • Festival fees and registration due on June 30, 2023.


  • Videos are made with a cell phone and uploaded to Dropbox between July 1 - 31.

  • Repertoire ~ Two pieces in contrasting style/mood. Original pieces or arrangements including pop, jazz, movie theme, classical or method books.Any music will be accepted.

  • Performing from memory is at the discretion of the teacher. Medals and critiques will be ready for teacher pick-up before August 26.

  • Do you live out of the Greater Milwaukee Area? Your medals will be mailed to you for an added fee!

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