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The MAPTA Young Artist Competition is held in March in Wauwatosa, WI.  Students must have studied with current teacher for at least 6 months. The teacher must be a member of MAPTA who shall have attended at least 1 of the previous 3 meetings and must volunteer at the audition. 


Student may enter either the YOUNG ARTIS COMPETITION or the HONORS AUDITION TRACK, but not both in the same year.  Fees are determined annually by the MAPTA Board of Directors.  YOUNG ARTIST COMPETITION start with Level 7 Repertoire as outlined in the MAPTA Handbook.  Students that enter the YOUNG ARTIST COMPETITION may also enter in the HONORS DUET TRACK AUDITION.


There are three levels of competition, two judges in each event and a chance for cash awards.  Students  must perform three contrasting pieces from three different style periods as outlined in the MAPTA Handbook.  Every student who performs will receive a ribbon.  The divisions of competition are Levels 7-8, Levels 9-11 and Levels 12-14.  Students may not enter the same level more than 2 consecutive years except the First Place Winner who must advance to the next division the next year.


Students earn up to 5 points for each piece performed with a total maximum of 15 points in one year.  Points accumulate over the years and once 25 points are earned, the student receives a trophy.  After receiving a trophy, all points are dropped and the

student begins to accumulate points towards another trophy.


Entrants that receive 14-15 points are invited to perform on the MAPTA HONORS RECITAL

Each year, MAPTA offer $900 in award monies!





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